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sábado, 16 de mayo de 2015

Bucket list

1. Learn to be patient
2. Understand love
3. Become a professor
4. Spend a sabbatical year out
5. You
6. Live in the USA
7. Write a novel
8. Run my own business
9. Develop my own theory on selfishness & human interests
10. Become a grandma
11. Travel around the world
12. Swim naked in the Atlantic Ocean
13. Go to Las Vegas

miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2015

Don't let it go

“The longest ride” is called the film that I have just seen. I have realised two things: the first one is that there are some people who do not pay attention to little things in life and the second is that little things are worth noticing because they bring you happiness. 

“Love is sacrifice” says one of the main characters of the film. And, I cannot agree more literally. Every day I am more sure about the existence of true love. True love exists. However, it is difficult to find. Nowadays, there are people who do not actually fight for what they want because they are afraid or just tired. And there I am lying on my bed writing this instead of being sleeping, and I am tired too. Sometimes rules must be broken. And we might chose a path different to reason. Because maybe the right thing is just under your fucking nose waiting to be released, and you don't know it or simply don't want to know it.

There are those moments of impact in life when you meet someone who you thought he broke your heart, and suddenly you just need three months to realise that the heartbreaker is not your focus of attention anymore. He is not even a heartbreaker because he broke nothing. He showed you the way to have new feelings and emotions. The path is now opened. Keep discovering it. That is the way in which a human being grows up. 

One day you just wake up and start thinking about everything that surrounds you. You cannot be more grateful. You start paying attention to the little details that you have had and still have around you. Your family, some people, some friends, important people who you realise you badly want in your life. However, it is not possible right now to have it all. You close your eyes and look back to childhood when you did not know anything about life. You were happy, running to and fro under the sky. Now you open your eyes and you are not a child anymore. But keeping the faith is important. Because the path to happiness is never closed. It keeps existing.

There are many free birds out there looking for something, but one day they will need a cage to stay in. They will need the real cage, the cage that they really want. Because there are ephemeral cages, but nothing compared to the ones that you truly want. Forgive me if you are reading this at the moment, right now, sitting in front of my text, thinking that these lines (my lines) are senseless but someday I will try to explain you everything because it makes sense. 

Last but not least, if you have ever had a true love don't let it go. Keep it next to you because some of the little things that probably will make you happy till the end of your life will be it. 

lunes, 6 de abril de 2015

Speechless but passionate

¿Hablar sin palabras? ¿Eso cómo es? Puede hacerse. ¿Sentir sin expresarlo? Que se yo… que sabes tu… que sabe nadie. Si los sentimientos no se pueden frenar. Son el fluido de un cúmulo de sensaciones gratas e ingratas que pensamos de situaciones de la vida. De esas de impacto, cuando te das cuenta de que todo empezó mucho antes de lo que imaginabas, cuando no querías admitirlo pero era y es así, como tu no sabías. Ahora ya lo sabes. Ahora ya no vale decir “NO”, porque MIENTES. Tu “yo" interior lo sabe. Intentar calmar la lucha interna que hay en tu corazón no servirá de nada. No servirá de nada ignorar lo que sientes. Porque es inevitable. Tarde o temprano te acabará comiendo. Y te matará. El tiempo te responde.... Porqué esto no pasó, porqué esto no siguió, porqué aquello paró, porqué me miró de esa manera...? ¿porqué hablamos sin palabras? que se yo… que sabes tu… que sabe nadie.  No puedes luchar contra tu “yo” interior.  El tiempo pasa y el camino se va despejando. Tus dudas ya no son dudas. Ya tienes todo más claro. Tu “yo” interior te delata. Es inevitable y a la vez es bonito. Es precioso sentir. Por eso hay que aprovechar esos momentos de impacto de la vida, que a veces están ahí pero otras se esfuman como humo. Y de repente, un día cualquiera te levantas y tu “yo” interior te dice SI. ¿Era producto de tu imaginación? No, realmente no. Por eso, todo empezó mucho antes de lo que tu imaginabas. Y era un si. Pero todo es difícil. Y raro. Difícil y raro eso. Porque ya no eres tu, el SI no depende de ti, ni de tu "yo" interior, ni de esos momentos de impacto. Ya no. No sabes de qué depende nada, ni de donde vienen los SIES o NOES. Sólo sabes con certeza que ya es un SI inevitable. Es un SI precioso. 

miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2015

Getting to know happiness

The very sound of nature. The rain. Falling drops. Its speed. Love. True love. Inspiration. Your memory. The need for doing what you really want. Looking forward to fathoming life. Need for a kiss. Your image got stuck in my mind. Cool. Ask me again, hug me again, call me again. I won't be there anymore. It's never too late to admit that you are no longer welcome. 

My life, my path, my purpose. That feeling of actually chasing it. 

The profound feeling of happiness. The thought that it is worth it. Innocence, purity, whiteness. Something thingy. You. Me. Us. Feelings. Our souls together forever. Our bodies now separated, mixed soon though. Very soon. 

There is anger, irate and wrath in the world just because we have to meet them. It is a necessity. It is a must. Bad people with bad intentions towards us have to enter in our lives. They are the ones who make us learn. They make us not to fall again. They actually open our path to happiness. It turns the other cheek. We need to differentiate between what is actually good and evil.

Envy, violence and obscurity exist and we need to face them quite often. Bad people embody them. Bad people yes. However as they come they go. They disappear as fuck. They are as ephemeral as easy money.  We cannot actually complain about the existence of bad things. They are something that we need to experience somehow. Literally. That is how one gets to know happiness. That is how one is aware of the actual beauty of life. 

And suddenly you sit down in a different seat at the train coach and then find the answer. 

lunes, 16 de marzo de 2015

Te dejaste ir

Te dejan ir. De nuevo. Te vas. Desaparecen. Desaparece. Otra vez. Esa sensación de vacío en tu estómago. De nuevo. Con la misma persona. Te dejó ir otra vez. Esta vez todo es diferente. Esta vez ya no quieres que vuelva a dejarte ir. Porque ya te has ido para no volver. Esta vez está completado. Esa sensación de paz en tu estómago. Ese equilibrio interior. Porque te dejó ir de nuevo para no volver a dejarte ir nunca más. Ya no quieres pensar más. Esta vez todo es diferente. El camino de tu vida queda libre, queda limpio y claro. Para disfrutarlo. Esta vez si. Te dejó ir. Agradecerle al universo que te dejase ir. Todo en el momento justo. Todo pasa por algo. A la hora justa. En el minuto justo. ¿Quién era?. Ya no me acuerdo. No te recuerdo. No importa. Solo recuerdo que me dejaste ir. Ahora ya se lo que se siente. Lo descubrí. Gracias por dejarme ir. Gracias por dejarme descubrir que la que quería marcharse era yo. Que yo me quise ir y por eso me fui. Gracias por dejarme ir. Gracias por mostrarme esta sensación de tranquilidad. Gracias por marcharte. Ya no duele. Ya se lo que se siente.  Gracias por leerme. Te doy las gracias con mi mejor sonrisa, aunque no puedas verme. Ya no es nada, y realmente no lo fue. ¿Que pasó? Realmente no tiene importancia. Realmente estas serán mis últimas palabras. Ya no me volveré a ir porque ya me fui. Y ahora estoy feliz. Gracias vida. 

viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

Chatting to life

Life is a challenge. It is no bed of roses though. There are, sometimes, waves that must be avoided. They cannot be swam. Sometimes it is life itself that gives you the lesson and not people. That path must be walked down. You must fall down in order to be alive again. For that’s how life puts the right things in the right place. There is no one to blame if you stumble. It has happened because of you. It wasn't your fault. Calm down. It is because of the moments of impact in life. Our experiences are so challenging sometimes that we do not even notice it but as soon as you start living… the path soon starts to be unconsciously walked down. We are stubborn and want to walk it properly but it is not always the point that must be dealt with. The little things in life, those that cannot be superficially enjoyed, are the things that we should worry about. Life is too short to stumble continuously and not standing up immediately. Be close to those things that make you happy. The path has loads of doors that are opened and not always we notice their presence. If one door closes, then walk down for a bit because there will be another wide open. If there is there is  some disappointment run away from it. Disappointment is nothing compared to happiness. Chase happiness and not failure. Chase the one. Chase your door. Chase your dreams because they actually come true. If you are sat alone somewhere out there feeling disappointed think positive and your thoughts will be not far from achieving your goal. Life teaches you to cope with difficult situations which are worth it since you learn from them. If you feel the necessity to  give, then give. If you do not receive anything from your attempt at giving, then there comes the measure. One needs to create the balance between what is worth it and not. Do you really want to lose your time giving without any feedback? It is up to you and your personal wishes. Time flies, and it is gold. Do not close any door. Be up to everything. Life is wonderful. You are wonderful. And, if there is anything that causes you disappointment smile. Do not stop smiling. Smile is the best sign of happiness that a human being can have on its face. The sun rises every morning and leads you to walk a new undiscovered path to success. 

viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

Odio los túneles

No sabes porqué pero sientes alivio
You take it for granted that it is going to happen, but have no idea about when
Mil mariposas recorren tu alma y
Luchan contra esas serpientes que intentan apoderarse de tu cuerpo

Ves caras, ves cosas, ves mundo
y ese sentimiento vuelve a aparecer
llegas a la conclusión de que todo es nada,
y solo lo que no puedes ver es algo.

Estar sentado en una nube
mientras contemplas al mundo
es bonito,
pero para hacer eso primero hay que estar vivo
y, luego hay que sentir.

viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014


It is when his spirit emerges from the shadow of the forgotten soul..
that I, now a woman still in love with him, fantasize.
Is it possible to fall in love with someone you have seen only once or twice in your whole life? Is it possible to become addicted to somebody’s writing by feeling that you are him and that he is you..?
Little did I imagine how identified I was gonna feel with his writings and intellect.
It doesn’t matter how much time do I spend on thinking about that product of the imagination that I will never forget him.
Is it possible to feel that person next to you by reading his thoughts even being hundred miles away from him?
I wonder whether this feeling of uncertainty will cease...  whether it will become true or not. “What you think, you become” said Buddha but... to what extent may I ask?
I can feel his mind melted in mine... it is still difficult however.
It is not his beauty that amazes me, it is the fact that I know from the very first time that I knew about him that our souls were perfect mates and infinitely compatible. 
I think, however, that love comes and goes like everything in life ... love is ephemeral like beauty, youth and awareness since our existence is dominated by the fugacity of hours, minutes and seconds. 

Sometimes I think if I shall do something, (no, that's too simple i guess)
sometimes I think that forced things are too unnatural to be done.
Then, I remember that what we imagine is real and real things are possible and, thus, probable. 
I prefer to let life act upon its course and she will be the one to decide, not me. 

If I have to meet this perfect and impaired soul again, I will. And, without any doubt, when our minds make love his mind will definitely become charmed by mine ... as I am with his.

martes, 3 de diciembre de 2013

Realidad cruel

Uno de los mayores problemas de hoy en día es que muchos de nosotros no sabemos apreciar lo que se nos interpone a la vista. Yo, a veces, la primera. Nos quejamos de cosas que nos hacen falta o querríamos tener, sin embargo cuando las tenemos ya no las queremos o el interés se pierde. Por lo tanto, las ideas no están claras.

Otorgamos importancia a cosas insignificantes y no valoramos lo vital. La vida no es ningún juego, aunque en ocasiones pueda parecerlo. La vida es real, y a veces corrupta. Y problema es que las personas no saben aprovechar lo que tienen delante de sus ojos, ya sea en términos de amor, salud, bienestar social u otros.
Realmente estoy escribiendo esto porque me pregunto; ¿Cuál será la manera correcta de ver la realidad? Y me auto-respondo que no la hay. Nuestros ojos no están preparados para ver eso, nuestra mente quizás si.
En esta sociedad, todos estamos en el mismo nivel. No hay individuo existente más ni menos que otro individuo. Desgraciadamente, ideas superficiales han reinado la jerarquía y estatus social de nuestro mundo. Y desde aquí expongo que estoy totalmente en contra de la superficialidad y de todo lo perfecto. Me gusta lo imperfecto. La naturalidad es algo que progresivamente se está perdiendo con la ayuda de redes sociales, televisión y otros.
¿Porqué nos separamos de algo que nos ha creado? ¿Porqué alteramos aquello de lo que se supone que deberíamos de estar orgullosos? Mis ojos aún no son capaces de ver eso, ni mi mente tampoco de entenderlo. Quizás deberíamos basarnos en aquella idea expuesta en "The Passions and the Interests" que cuanto más interés colectivo haya en una sociedad más comercio hay, y más desarrollo mundial aflorará. Y una cosa lleva a la otra y al final vuelve el caos. Ese caos colectivo es el que el día menos pensado destruirá el ciclo de nuestras vidas.
El amor es otra fuerza del caos capaz de destruir tanto el interior como el exterior de la persona. ¿Existe el amor real? ¿Qué es amor? ¿Dónde se encuentra? Mis ojos no lo han visto aún, mi mente si, y mi alma lo ha notado quizás en algún momento. Pienso que se debe de luchar por amor, con total naturalidad y, ahí será cuando se encuentre esa realidad.

lunes, 2 de diciembre de 2013


Where all this hope has gone?
Was it hope?
It has left me in doubt
The air was passing through our mouths
your lips were little by little closer to mine
closer to mine, that was the Hope.

The hope has gone with you,
Your hope has plunged mine into despair
and mine has done so with yours.
My hope is not crying any more
My hope has still hope
But it has gone
I don’t know where.
Shall I go out there and look for it?
I hope there is a hope looking out for me out there as well.

Our hands melted
and we almost kissed, but no
it was only a hope.
But she comes and goes,
Like the sun, like feelings
immersed in nature

Hope is the circle of life,
surrounded by circumstances.

miércoles, 23 de octubre de 2013


If you think that gothic writers have to be careful, I do not know whether you are right or wrong. Gothic writing poses two controversial issues: the language vs. the content, and the function vs. the form. To me, in gothic narratives as in many others, language would be equal to the function each linguistic sign has one after another, whereas content would be the form we give to the gothic narrative after having seen all the functions that the language, we are reading, has built through the text. 

This issue may seem to be simple, nonetheless it is rather problematic. Is there harmony between form and content in the gothic narrative? Or is the form against the content? Well, if one speaks from a formal point of view, there must be coherence between both since we need a beginning, followed by a liminal part leading up to the end of the story, (all covered by a plot). In this sense, so to speak, our expectations perfectly fit within the belief that there is harmony, or a kind of balance, between form and function. 

However, the gothic narrative will always have an element of “otherness”. And it is the otherness what makes the text “gothic”. Do we have a cause and an effect? Of course we do. From the very beginning that the narrative starts (x = cause), it may multiply the narrative space (x1, x2, x3 …) and Y would be “the effect”. Would be these lasts concepts equal to the form that we give to the story we are reading? Would they overlap with the function of it? I actually believe that one cannot be read without the reading of the other and vice versa. There is no form if there are no functions and there is no effect if there are no causes. We should read between the lines of the narrative when reading gothic. Its otherness is what we may call the unknown. The unknown is what leads us to the mystical, to the endless circle of the terror and the horror of the gothic text. And it is the otherness of some characters in the gothic that we do not know when it is going to end. In this sense, there must be a lack of cause but not of effect since we do not know why the ghost is always scaring people. We are only conscious of the effect but not of its origins. From this point of view, one could say that the gothic claims the presence of a missing element within the narrative.

In a nutshell, how should be the gothic genre read in terms of rationality? This problematic question can lead us to infite problematic answers. The point one should make when talking about gothic is more a matter of “why” rather than “when or where”. We already know when the action takes place, or where it occurs but not why. We may not be able to give a specific answer to “why some characters are trapped in the same circle always and forever”. We should be rational about our analysis, if we speak about structure (also from Propp’s view), but we may be illogic when talking about why ghosts are trapped in eternity.There is no why if there is no "where" and "when" and there is no "where" neither "when" if there is no why.

domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013


El ser humano es complejo y multifuncional. Somos el resultado de una historia que no sabremos con certeza alguna, para ser concreta, nunca. Historia que se puede interpretar desde un punto de vista matemático o, en su defecto, básicamente estructural. Somos una variedad dentro de la variedad. Así pues, la diversidad en todos los sentidos también se aplica al romanticismo, y no hablo de romanticismo de amor sino del movimiento cultural y político de finales del siglo xviii.

Tomando otro punto de vista, llamémosle a la vida cuerpo y a las personas células, ya que somos multifuncionales, porque somos nosotros los humanos la unidad de mayor tamaño que pueda considerarse viva de nuestra especie. Por esa regla de tres aplicada a la diversidad y a la variedad, deberíamos de tomarnos la vida con filosofía. La filosofía romántica es aquella en la que, desde mi punto de vista, -y aquí expongo mi teoría-, se basa en la libertad de seguir buscando constantemente nuevas formas de vida, puntos de vista, y así sucesivamente incluyendo todo tipo de conceptos desde el dolor hasta el amor. Dicha filosofía se desentiende de los estereotipos y clacisismos, y enfatiza los sentimientos.

El sentimiento de un ser humano es lo más importante que hay que tener en cuenta a la hora de analizar el comportamiento del mismo. Es decir, un ser humano que analiza a otro lo hace a través de sentimientos, y a veces (no siempre) desde una filosofía romántica. Cabe decir que el tener un punto de vista romántico no tiene nada que ver con el amor o similares. Puede construirse en su base, pero no van de la mano. Todo está conectado, unas cosas con otras y todo con todo pero a la vez con nada. Por ese mismo motivo es el que debemos de adoptar ciertos puntos de vista, para así comprender más, aprender más y sentirse día a día mejor. Adoptar una filosofía de vida romántica puede ser mucho más sano y productivo que adoptar una filosofía de vida ignorante. Tendríamos que guiarnos de ese camino al que nos lleva la filosofía romántica, y si es hacia el incorrecto mejor, para así cuantas más veces pasemos por lo incorrecto más preparados llegaremos a lo correcto, con más ganas y más fuerza. Siempre es bueno tener algo presente y es que la perfección no es reina de nada en esta filosofía. La perfección al 100% no existe y jamás lo hara. La simpleza es la mejor perfección, a pesar de formar parte de la complejidad del ser humano.

lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

The energy of a soul

There is always something to think about. The more you think about it, the more it will become true. It is like a dream.

We never think about doing it for no reason. We are always seeking for many reasons to do it but what you do not know is that the less you think about a reason the better we will do it. If you do not believe me, just try it. Reasons are out there waiting for us to be found, but they are like evergreen trees. They never disappear. And it is that force of energy that makes them stay. Because if a soul has energy, the soul will definitely make it happen.

We are afraid of facts, unlike Dickens: ‘NOW, what I want is, Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing
but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts: nothing else will ever be of any service to them. This is the principle on which I bring up my own children, and this is the principle on which I bring up these children. Stick to Facts, sir!’.
Moreover, he stated that in The One Thing Needful in Hard Times and I strongly hold his view because facts are needful. Humans need facts to do things, not reasons. If we made it happen because of one reason there would be hundreds facts out there waiting to be analyzed. That is the reason why one does not need a reason for doing something but energy. The energy works without reasons but with facts. And that energy is inside you. You are the one in control of your energy, because humans are doomed to it.

And to make matters worse, the fact will become definitely true when naked. Make it with passion and love.

A naked soul is the spirit of life.

And for no reason.

Just try to do it.

Then tell me.

miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Half-Naked Man Lying on a Wood in London

I decided to draw this scene which I must call: Half-Naked Man Lying on a Wood in London. The quotes are taken from Thomas Hobbes Leviathan Chapter XIII on the Nature of mankind as concerning their felicity and misery. If you follow my blog, you will know that I strongly support the idea of man as a selfish creature corrupted by society. That's why I, suddenly inspired, took a pen and let imagination play its role. 

"Nature hath made men so equal in the faculties of body and mind as that, though there be found one man sometimes manifestly stronger in body or of quicker mind than another, yet when all is reckoned together the difference between man and man is not so considerable as that one man can thereupon claim to himself any benefit to which another may not pretend as well as he. For as to the strength of body, the weakest has strength enough to kill the strongest, either by secret machination or by confederacy with others that are in the same danger with himself"

"The passions that incline men to peace are: fear of death; desire of such things as are necessary to commodious living; and a hope by their industry to obtain them"

We are like books

Some of us are born romantic, some achieve romanticism, and some have romanticism trust upon them. 

The true love is felt. It does matter if he or she is talking to somebody else. You won’t feel jealous but happy. You will feel complete. That is called true real love. And I still believe in love. 

Love is either everything or nothing. 

When someone feels love, they feel at a stage of exultant happiness. 

If a soul loves you, 
just kiss
and love 

If a soul loves you,
feel the power
share the force 

If a soul loves you,
hug them
and accompany them 


“If the soul is left in darkness, sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but the one who causes the darkness" by Victor Hugo in Les Miserables.

“Some texts are born literary, some achieve literariness, and some have literariness thrust upon them.  Breeding in this respect may count for a good deal more than birth” from Terry Eagleton, Literary Theory, pp. 7-8

sábado, 25 de mayo de 2013

On "The Importance of Being Earnest"

“The Importance of Being Earnest” (fig. La importancia de llamarse honesto)

Wilde uses a pun of words for the title of his “sentimental comedy”. Shall we call it “The importance of being ERNEST”? A bunch of critics (including me) have pointed out that the title of Wilde’s play gives us the key to success (and to understand it).  

This comedy of manners reveals a side of life: “nature and the human being” I would say.

It would be easier for those who have read the play to understand me. Jack Worthing (is he worth it?). He is the pivotal figure in the play and he pretends to be what he is not. Why does Gwendolen only want to marry a man called “Ernest”? Do you understand it?

Me neither.

When we humans pretend to plan things, it will all end up being a failure. The importance of be called Ernest will have its consequences. Being coherent is difficult because sometimes we will lie if we really want to achieve our goals. However, Wilde’s satirical hypocrisy (Jack Worthing pretending to be Ernest not Earnest) is not the role that one should play in their lives. So being earnest has its merit. “Nature […] immersed in its necessary work” (quote that comes to mind, if I remember well from a Sadaat Hasan Manto’s short sotry) will always work the same. I mean society is revolution and man is selfish by nature (Hobbes).

If I were Gwendolen I wouldn’t care. I would appreciate the fact that HE has tried to pretend being Ernest because of me. Real love only happens once. When a soul feels real love it is because there are no worries, no more things to worry about. It doesn’t matter what the other soul does because you know that he will be yours inside freedom.

“I hope you have not been leading a double life, pretending to be wicked, and being really good all the time. That would be hypocrisyOscar Wilde, The Importance of being Earnest.

REAL LOVE in days to come.

domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013


This is the first time that I don’t know how to begin writing. These words come from the deepest of my soul. These words are for those ones who truly appreciate them.

Some of us pass the time complaining, feeling envy for the other, being selfish or hypocrite... It is hard to realize that the human being is self-interested by nature. Some of us spend our time fighting with others. Some of us are violent (I am standing on the corner of a street and watching two men fighting and the police intervening) I wonder where does the love lie? Where do we, human beings, hide our real love?

Some of us only care about appearances and beauty. Some of us are superficial. Why do boys only ask me for going out to posh night clubs instead of going to a library? Am I an object for them? What do they pretend? It is sad the fact of realizing how males and females behave nowadays. I am really fed up of receiving loads of whatsapp messages from different boys but with the same content: "you out tonight? Come to X(whatever)" instead of "fancy a talk?, fancy a beer?, fancy a walk?" Where are the gents? Where are the ladies? Where are your intellects? I guess that the fact of feeling yourself unused or wasted in the sense that you don’t find what you want and anyone finds you is an ordinary thing nowadays.  Maybe, the ones who we don’t pay attention to are the ones for us. And, the ones who ignore and hurt us (the ones who we inevitably want) are the ones who we MUST ignore. Sometimes, in life, reason is a complement for love. And using your intellect won’t hurt you. Creating a balance between reason and feelings must be a MUST.

Who cares about the fake boobs of the girl sitting in front of me right now? Who cares about that guy next to this bus driving a Ferrari or wearing a Louis Vuitton t-shirt? Those things are amongst the most esteemed features in society nowadays. And that is the pity. We only see through the eyes and, sometimes, forget that we can also see through the heart.

Some of us are cruel. Some of us take advantage of the situation, laugh at others and insult them simply because they are not beautiful or skinny enough. And life's rules cannot be played like this. Some of us are rude. Some of us don’t realize what we have until we lose it. And that is the pure and simple truth. The truth is that today we are here, and tomorrow we may not. Two young souls died yesterday in the city where I come from and I still don’t believe it. Life is so cruel sometimes for no reason. And I will always wonder… but why? The saddest thing is that we temporarily realize the value of life when these things happen. Then we forget. Sad. Very sad. We should know that we all posses the most expensive, valuable and exquisite thing… and it is LIFE itself.

My journey in this bus ends (I am happy to see this couple kissing with such passion) and getting off it I walk home thinking about the real truth of life. How can we find it? Where is the path to it?
There are no paths to find the real truth because the truth is constructed little by little and day by day. It is a complement of our lives since each individual has a particular truth. The truth is singular. And reality varies from one’s eyes to other’s eyes.

And now, once my journey is finished and you met myself a little bit more, I am lying on my bed... thinking that some of us are good. Some of us are wonderful. Some of us (maybe you) pass our time laughing, smiling and being happy. Some of us help the other and take care of our friends and family day by day. Some of us do not mind about that fat boy or girl and think that we could be in love with him or her (in fact I was). Because anyway... you will be in love with a soul and not with a body. And, I must admit that harmony can be perfectly felt this way because I experienced it. Remember that your reality varies from other’s one. Some of us live in peace. Some of us are tolerant. Some of us still believe in love... because me, after all, I still believe in love. I am grateful, at the age of 23, of being where I am right now and writing this text for you all. I am extremelly grateful to my family, specially to my parents, for giving me the opportunity of bringing me into this wonderful world and teaching me the value of things. Always forgive your enemies, and remember LIFE is gold, appreciate it. 

Thanks for reading. Love you all. 

martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

On love

Do you believe that love is found by means of reason (fatalistic view)? Or do you think that it is found by chance? Give me your hypothesis and let's get to the thesis. 

I've been trying to analyse from many perspectives what love is or should be. We attempt to idealise the concept of love quite often. When we idealise something we (somehow) ignore the consequences of it. This is the reason why some of us fall in love so quickly, but it is good. The ones who fall in love too fast are the ones who get to know who they are. This way, knowledge is a complement of love. It creates balance between the ideal conceptualisation of love and the real one. 

To my mind, love can be found either my means of reason or by means of chance. So I made a list of what I consider love involves. For my analysis i've read some ideas of such philosphers as Plato and Ortega y Gasset, among others. 

1. Love as a path to find your goal

2. Love as a force of chaos that transforms everything

3. Love as a metamorphosis

4. Love as a rational process

5. Love as an accident

6. Love as a perfect idealisation of beauty

7. Love as a sexual act (Ortega)

8. Love as charm

9. Love as a mental status of misery in which the conscience will be impoverished and paralyzed (Ortega)

10. Love as a naked manifestation of the self

11. Love as an intimate process to discover one’s self

12. Love is two-sided: real and imaginary

13. Love as an aesthetic admiration

14. I believe that love is everything and, at the same time, nothing.

15. Love as a divine invention that conserves the beauty of nature

16. Love is harmony. 

Finally, love will always involve more than one subject. In other words, there must be at least two people performing love. If there are more than two people the situation changes and we would be talking about Shakespearean love triangular relationships, in which corruption would be a counter part (Thomas Hobbes). 

Love is a mixture of the ideal and the real. Things are more probable than improbable. 

Photo by Marcos Domingo Sánchez
Model: Pedro Jiménez